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Pud Inn Chocolate no.4 Menu

23 June 2012

Missie Cindz Choccy Summer Pud Inn Menu for Saturday 23rd June 2012

Missie Cindz Choccy Summer Pud Inn Menu for Saturday 23rd June 2012


Sweet-toothed Sheffielders are in for several treats TODAY at the Rutland Arms

We can finally reveal the five puddings we’ll be serving to the lucky diners at #MissiesPudInn (2pm – 4.30pm) TODAY. You can download our Chocolate Pud Inn Menu here for your reference and safe-keeps. Look out for our pudding pictures and live updates later in the afternoon – we also encourage diners to do lots of LIVE tweetings and to share tasty pudding photos online – make all your friends super jealous and want you to take them to our next Inning! :)

What’s for pudding at Missie Cindz Pud Inn?

  • Course One: first up at Pud Inn will be the Rutland Arms Chef Mike’s with a Choctastic Tart with Macadamia Nuts served with Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. Chef Mike’s puddings have been our diner’s favourite for the past two times (source: from our diner’s score and feedback sheets) – but can Chef Mike make it a trio and win the spoons of diners for the third time in a row!?…it’s going to be tough competition…we’ll see…
  • Course Two: Sparkly Triple Belgium Chocolate Brownie topped with Milk, Dark and White Chocolate served with Seasonal British Raspberries made by Sheffield’s #Brownies
  • Course Three: White Chocolate Mousse Cupcakes made by Hannah Hemmings (T: @memhem) and Leah Griffiths (T: @griffindale) on behalf of The Broadfield Pub, Abbeydale Road (T: @theBroadfield)
  • Course Four: Chocolate Millionaire Pie served with cream made by enthusiastic baker, Charlotte Turner
  • Course Five: Finally, we’ll be ending the event with a Rhubarb and Chocolate Mousse served with PJ taste ‘Surprises’! (I’m intrigued to know what these surprises are too) made by Sheffield’s localvore champion, Peter Moulam of PJ taste

Have you also read our Twitter Pud Inn Competition with the Rutland Arms for today? For details, see this blog post: Plates of Happiness at The Inn and you could WIN a FREE lunch and drink at their pub for your sweet tweets!

So what is Missie’s Pud Inn Club?
For those who aren’t sure what our seasonal sugar fests are about, well, Pud Inn serves up diners a five-course pudding set menu, with a different pud theme for each event. Today’s theme is ‘Chocolate’ – previous themes have included, Favourites, Christmas and Fruity. Our clubs are seasonal events curated to bring back the wholesome ‘Pudding/dessert’. Yes, Pud Inn is naughty and it’s unhealthy but I think everyone is allowed a guilty pleasure once in a while…don’t you?

At our Inn, there’s no need for diners to feel guilty for stuffing themselves for Pud Inn has a trio of worthy positive aims by doing so: to support local talented makers, bakers and chefs; to encourage community friendships and contact among people who might not come together if not for their love of, say, a bowl of bread and butter pud; and to reconnect us with our roots by reintroducing eaters to traditional desserts like sticky toffee pudding and a homemade fruit trifle.

The talented Rutland Arm’s Chef Mike (Pudding 1), Hannah and Leah from The Broadfield (pudding 3) and enthusiastic baker, Charlotte Turner (pudding 4) will all be joining us today for puddings. So diners? if you spot them whilst scoffing their pudding be sure to say a big thank you and let them know what you think of their course. PJ taste and #Brownies won’t be able to join us due to work commitments but that doesn’t mean they’re not super gutted and won’t be catching up on live updates via Twitter or Facebook – be sure to let them all know what you think.

A personal big thank you to all our pudding makers for today’s treats – without their generous help, time and effort today’s Pud Inn wouldn’t be possible. We have all made a contribution to Pud Inn in our own time for the love of a good British pudding and bringing community (people) together – now, who said community spirit was dead!?

How to book a spoon at our next Pud Inn at the Rutland Arms
There are only 20 – 25 places available at Pud Inn, so to attend you must always book and purchase tickets early. Tickets can be purchased from the Rutland Arms bar, the event venue (Brown Street, Sheffield) or send Cindy Cheung, the event organiser an email to: (tickets are £8 per person for five tasty local puds). I’m sorry to those who weren’t able to purchase tickets for today’s event and wanted to join us, but I will be planning our next event very soon and hope you will be able to join me for that?

Have a lovely sweet weekend everyone! – Missie / Cindz

{image designed and illustrated by Cindy Cheung}

Missie Cindz

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