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You can do brave things

01 October 2020

You can do big brave things print

I illustrated this for my daughter (Big Al) but think my subconscious may have made it for me too. You can find our beautiful When Alice Sleeps prints to brighten up your little one’s room on our amazing Etsy store.

When we talk about being brave, I think we have been conditioned to believe it requires LOTS of fierce strength, guts and being fearless, but, I can say with confidence that some of the BRAVEST things I have done have come in the form of quiet conversations with the closest family and friends to me. Battling the doubts in my own head. Starting a business during a pandemic. Going freelance as a designer after several ‘safe’ years working for agencies! Re-locating to a brand new city which now, I call my HOME. Keeping promises to myself and a firm grip on my hope for the future despite the current state of the country and planet!

You CAN do big brave things.
Show up.
Stand up.
Speak up.

So, if you are looking for the biggest, bravest thing that you can do today, start in your own home, or in your family WhatsApp group chat. Start by loving yourself, your family, and your nearby locals well. And from there, we can focus on brightening up the world……. again!
– Cindz x

Missie Cindz

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