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A Great December Indoors

26 December 2020

When Alice Sleeps: A Great December Indoors

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Merry Everything and a Happy Always from our House to Yours!

Here’s to getting back into doing what we’ve missed! ✅💯

Wow I can’t believe I’ve finally finished this December social challenge I set myself over @whenalicesleeps! Where I have been illustrating and sharing over on our When Alice Sleeps Instagram account, an illustration a day throughout December illustrating scenarios of “A Great December Indoors” with Alice and Friends. My latest personal work explores what Alice & her amazing friends are up to over December leading up to Christmas and New Year – started on 1st December. This collection whimsical illustrations implies the activities we could try while in quarantine (with our little ones) and reminds us that we truly are alone TOGETHER! It’s part of my on-going plan to get back into what I have missed the most, which includes: illustration, building meaningful relationships, and prioritising my family and health.  I have been wanting to change things up with my creative work and try new styles….. which can feel scary, especially when you’ve been doing the same ‘design thing’ for 15 years like I have. But, with how this year has turned out for many of us, the wordsYou Can Do Big Brave Things – have never been so important and encouraging to me than ever before!

@whenalicesleeps has been one of my most ambitious projects for a while. But it has been such a nice adventure to build our magical little world and be part of this sweet procession over the past 12 months. Thanks to those for the support and follow! A lot of work, long nights fused with freelance client work and building a business, but SO rewarding! When you build something meaningful from scratch its truly motivating! – really makes me want to step out of my comfort zone even more, be more audacious and maybe, illustrate larger scenes too!?

Create More of Your Own Happiness
I hope that the chances you’ve taken and discoveries you made this year have helped you to find a bright spot in the midst of the sadness and madness. I know that I’ve experienced multitasking to the max, uncertainty and anxiety at levels I’ve never experienced before  but it’s also helped me discover my highest of highs – and to prioritise my little family first.

THANK YOU for being here, reading and continuing to follow my personal journey and my When Alice Sleeps journey. Whether you’ve been here for a day, week or for 10 years, your support and encouragement means so much to me! :)

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Here’s to bringing more creative magic to this crazy world.
We all need it SO much right now…See you in 2021!
~ Cindz

(Illustration by Cindy Cheung at When Alice Sleeps)

Missie Cindz

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