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Thank you, 2016

24 December 2016

Wow…how is it the end of the year, already?! Looking forward to the much needed holiday break. This year has been an incredibly busy one; travelled, motivated, pushed to get things done, created, collaborated, designed, and doodled our socks off! There were a couple of things I wanted to experience this year but didn’t manage to taste – but that’s life, so let’s keep going…..And, here are some of my favourite highlights from this past year…


Turning Japanese in Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara and Osaka – I had always wanted to visit Japan, so we picked a date and went! This was where I almost ate my body weight in green tea ice cream, became in awwwe with all the stunning and serene sights of this amazing country and had my first taste of Kobe beef IN Kobe! (click on the pictures to read the blog posts).

I also managed to take Baz for a quick getaway for his birthday to Venice. It was our first time here but I heard the food was excellent……and we were on a mission to find the singing Cornetto man too! I couldn’t believe this whole city was surrounded by water; there were no automobiles – and filming ourselves travelling to one area to another via waterbus was fun; surrounded by beautiful canels, gondolas, artistic bridges and amazing architecture were our highlights – and also, over-indulging as a food tourist (of course). It’s no lie, Italy has the BEST ice cream!

missie-cindz-venice2016-1 missie-cindz-venice2016-2

Food Gorious Food

missie-cindz-good-eats-1 missie-cindz-friends

Pizza surfing at Homeslice, London

Motivational Stationery

Missie Cindz greeting cards

Cindy 365 Notes Project


Sweet Fundraising for Parkinson’s UK

Missie Cindz Chocolate Bake Sale 2016

Missie Cindz Chocolate Bake Sale 2016 Missie Cindz Christmas Bake Sale 2016

And finally, a big thumbs up to my sweet Chocolate Ltd team who have worked their hearts out this year – thanks for keeping me grounded and focussed in the office.

missie-cindz-chocolate-ltd-1Merry Christmas! We hope you all have a very merry chrimble time! Thank you for your follows, encouragement and purchases this year, it has been a busy one! Really looking forward to 2017 and new things to come! See you on the other side.




Missie Cindz

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