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New Autumn Greeting Cards

18 October 2016

It’s those small things that mean a lot these (every) days: writing and sharing postcards, receiving surprise snail mail, handwritten notes, long replies, tight hugs, someone making you a cuppa and remembering the little things…the list goes on.

Missie Cindz greeting cards Missie Cindz greeting cards Missie Cindz greeting cardsMissie Cindz greeting cards

Today I’m sharing with you a handful of my newest collection of greeting cards – continuing my quest to connect people to people through meaningful paper goods. Whimsical cards fit for any occasions; whether it’s to cheer someone up, thank them for that bar of holiday chocolate or to simply wish them an awesome day – spreading that personal touch through snail mail has never been so fun and colourful!

cindy_cheung_set-of-4-motivational-postcardsCards designed by Cindy Cheung. All cards available here.





Missie Cindz

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