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Homeslice Pizza {London}

19 June 2016


There’s no shortage of spots to have lunch in London. But my favourites are places that are casual yet have a bit of character — places you’d want to meet up with friends for lunch to catch up. I was recently taken to Homeslice on Old ST (Shoreditch), one thing was on our mind: PIZZA – Giant pizza!

There’s three Homeslice locations in London, all within easy reach in the city. We shared one (half and half) between two, going for the aubergine, cauliflower cheese, spinach & harissa AND salami, rocket & parmesan cheese. Each whole pizza arrives to your table at 20″! So be prepared to be hungry. There’s no cutlery provided and paper plates meant you had to roll up your sleeves and dig in (fine by us) and this just added to the whole eating experience!

My favourite topping were salami, rocket & parmesan – generously topped and not overly salted with the salami – a good combination of crispy, chewy, and salty! The pizza base is quite thin so you can eat plenty without feeling bloated at the end. Luckily we didn’t have to wait for a table, nice relaxed atmosphere with no fuss. What you see is what you get; good homemade pizza (as a 20″ surfboard or by the slice).

I love finding hidden spots in this city, head over to my Forking Map section to find out some of my London food discoveries. What are some of your favourte places to lunch in London? Do let me know in the comments below – it’s always a good idea to ‘fork it‘!

Homeslice Pizza | 374-378 Old Street, Shoreditch London EC1V 9LT| @homesliceLDN



Missie Cindz

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