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Scones and Sheffield Plum Jam

30 September 2011

Missie Cindz ‘A Star’ Cherry Scones served with plum jam

Missie Cindz ‘A Star’ Cherry Scones served with plum jam


Recipes using Missie Cindz Preserves
Next week, a very limited edition of  Missie Cindz Vintage Preserves (co-produced with PJ Taste) hit the PJ taste shelves and leading up to their release I will be providing a range of delicious recipe suggestions you could accompany our sweet Preserves.

Classic ‘A Star’ shaped scones with Missie Cindz (MC) Sheffield Plum Jam and clotted cream would work well as a Friday afternoon treat and if you don’t have clotted cream, these scones are delicious with softly whipped cream and MC jam, or even with butter and MC jam. Other times you might just want to spread them with JUST Missie Cindz jam. Just split the scones in half and spread generously :)

I’m a fan of making classic scones (weekends mainly, afterall the Bake In, is the new going out right!?). When I bake scones  – I turn the ‘Classic’ bit to ‘Stars’, I like to add a little twist of course to recipes by adding a ‘monsterous’ heap of glacé cherries, vanilla essence and lemon Juice and having them an interesting star shape! They’re nommingly good stuff.

Please download the Missie ‘A Star’ Cherry Scones recipe here and let me know how it goes – post me pictures of your Starry Scones – they’re ideal as home-made gifts for friends and family. Try making these this weekend perhaps?

Another tasty recipe idea involving Missie Cindz Vintage Preserves are Baked Brie with Plum Jam – my twitter friend Meng He calls this – Food Porn!


Missie Cindz

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