Flower Pot Pick-me-up

25 Jun


Nothing like a bit of (creative) morning gardening ~ the Cindz-style!

I must admit right here that I am NOT a green thumb, by any means. In my last blog post, I admitted I’d never grown anything edible in the garden before – however, I do have the desire to learn and improve though, so I guess that counts for something. I know there are lots of fancy new garden pots on the market these days (some pretty dull ones too), but if you’re anything like me, maybe you just don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a cute pot! So I decided to add some character and personality to some boring, dull (and super cheap) pots and give them a pick-me-up in time for summer. This is super quick and easy, and you can personalise them to however your green finger pleases – all you need is a tippex pen. These would also make a cute ‘Let’s Grow Together’ gift for a friend with a pretty plant and card tucked inside. This exercise costs next to nothing, and inspires me to get it together and attend to my veggies properly daily!

I’ll keep you posted on my home grown vegetables :) ~ Missie Cindz

Happy Rad Dad Day

21 Jun

Happy Rad Dad Day

It’s true, my dad straight-up rocks 365 days of the year!

I think it’s probably underestimated how much I have learnt from him…Thanks for guiding me to be a better person, you’ll always be my best friend.

I thought I’d share with you a free printable Father’s Day card! Feel free to download the 148 x 105mm pdf HERE (with trim marks to guide you). Enjoy and wishing all of our dads out there a Happy Rad Dad Day!

{illustration by Cindy Cheung}

Home Grown Vegetables

19 Jun

missie-cindz-grow-your-ownmissie-cindz-grow-your-own-2 missie-cindz-grow-your-own-3 missie-cindz-grow-your-own-4

My mum is a great food inspiration to me. Having her own successful food business for over 20 years, being a fantastic cook and talented gardener. There’s not much fooding around she doesn’t do! (I think you know where my interest in food grows from now?). She has grown Chinese vegetables in Sheffield for many years and enjoys being in the garden daily, and of course, eating whatever she grows! It’s certainly an obvious quality inherited from mum’s cultural roots from back in the days when she used to be a young farmer (in China) and where growing your own produce was a necessity.

Whenever I go back to Sheffield, I watch mum happily ploughing away in her dinky garden ~ getting excited and enthusiastically shows me what’s going to be on the dinner table. She’s so proud and appreciative of the fantastic produce she grows – ranging from Chinese Pak Choy, edible Amaranth (Chinese spinach), long beans, Ong Choy to Summer Celtuce (a vegetable in between lettuce and dandelion with very long stalks and the lettuce-like leaves), and much more. Growing, eating, sharing, are certainly the ethos of Home Grown Vegetables. Watching mum grow her own has motivated me to giving GYO a go. Stuff fresh from the garden has SO much more flavour!

I have never grown my own vegetables before! (I know). I think it’s a lack of knowing ‘HOW TO’ which makes me afraid to GYO and also assuming that it’ll take up lots of my time. But I’ve set myself a challenge and going to give it a try! I don’t really have a garden at home in London, it’s all decked out but it will be exciting to see what comes (grows) out of this ~ I’ll keep u posted. I might be a little late to the GYO community but nothing better than the present in giving it a go!

What’s growing in your garden? – let’s share more pictures of home grown produce.

{Vegetable photos taken by Missie’s mum, Lin Cheung, showing us her fantastic home grown Sheffield produce!}

End the week with Cake

12 Jun


Cake is always a great idea on a Friday! I like to end a busy week on (sweet) good things with friends (they always help to get me through the week).

What’s your Friday indulgence?

{What am I scoffing on? (I hear you ask) I had the creamy green tea cheesecake and Keith had the (super light) Honey cake from L’Eto Caffe in Soho. Oh yes!}

NEW website coming soon

2 Jun

Missie Cindz New website coming soon Missie Cindz New website coming soonMissie Cindz New website coming soon

We’re getting soooooooooooo close in launching the NEW website. The new missiecindz.com site has been in the works for a long time and we’re trying to wrap up every little detail in order to (hopefully) go live this month (crosses fingers and knocks on wood). I’m just doing things like, checking spelling and making sure it’s 200% AWESOME!! It”s been such a valuable learning experience and so much fun working with Keith, this guy is so talented!

It was time for a change, and the new website features an entirely new clean look to go with all the exciting, new things I have ‘cooking up’ this year. New fonts are used in the design as well as the splashes of colour for added personality and accessibility. Earlier in the year, I spent some time locked up in the studio designing my own WordPress theme from scratch, I got in touch with Keith, we did a lot of talking and doing, and ‘Hey presto!’ – a massive thank you to Keith Donegan for his technical skills that I would be lost without! A seriously talented (and fun guy) web developer, and I couldn’t be most excited about the new website!

Keith has built my new site and wrote all the code himself, customised and understood all my web design visuals without hesitation. It has been a pleasure working with him on the project – pulling the entire thing together in a small amount of time and is a professional master at what he does.

I’m looking forward to reading your comments and finding out what you all think about the update.

The OK of OK

30 May

It's OK – just go for it!

It’s Ok to say “It’s Ok”

One of the biggest things I’ve been learning this past year is the need to slow down and make time for more of the important things in life… friends, family, laughing, travel, etc. I can often find so much on my plate – the new site (this blog) has been in the works for a long time and we’re trying to wrap up every little detail in order to (hopefully) go live next month (crosses fingers and knocks on wood); the fear of not doing, creating or learning enough. But it can be so easy to get swept away in the hectic schedule (of the everyday) and forget to take bits of time away from it all. Life is short, I’m learning how to delegate better (this week saw me doing it in the Chocolate studio), and I’m looking forward to continuing to work on balance throughout 2015.

It’s OK to slow down and sleep more! (back to bed, then)

{Photo by Cindy Cheung during an indulgent Afternoon Tea at Sketch, London}