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Best Nine 2020

29 December 2020

Missie Cindz | Cindy Cheung – Best Nine 2020

Thank you for all the online love, encouragement, new experiences and memories this year you lovely lot!
In life and work I am always growing & learning ~ like parenting, every day is a ‘school day’ and having this platform to share a small piece of my creative endeavours feels really encouraging 🌱  One thing’s for sure, the BIG LESSON from 2020 is to keep adapting.

{Images 1 to 9, from top left to bottom right}

⭐️ starting the @whenalicesleeps project: Made for Little Kids with Big Dreams

⭐️ complete identity, packaging and overarching strategy for FROLYK Ice cream by Yee Kwan Ice Cream.

⭐️ getting back into spreading joy through illustration and creating meaningful things.

⭐️ new brand direction & store signage for Harmony Ltd.

⭐️ getting @whenalicesleeps featured in British Vogue Magazine for our childrenswear.

⭐️ fresh new corporate identity, brand guideline and brand strategy for CAPELO Ltd – the ‘trusted consultants’ in their field.

⭐️ spending more quality time at home with Alice and finally putting my little family FIRST.

⭐️ exciting new website design for Harmony Ltd.

⭐️ collaborating with one of my favourite local coffee shops on a range of limited bubble tea drinks, MoCo Coffee & Company.

Drop me a message or get in touch to discover how I can take your brand forward and let’s create inspiring stories together.

Wishing you and your loved ones a brighter new year filled with simple joy, enthusiasm for life, love in the purest and most precious form, and enjoy every sweet treat your heart desires (because you deserve it, after all)…

{Photos and images by Cindy Cheung}

Missie Cindz

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