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Meet the Maker Week 2020

03 November 2020

When Alice Sleeps – Meet the Maker Week 2020Say Hello

Hello everyone! 👋 I’m Cindy (aka @missiecindz) the creator & designer of When Alice Sleeps. It is #MeetTheMakerWeek and I’m super excited to be taking part in the fab @joannehawker’s week-long creative challenge. Firstly, thank you for being HERE and following along on our dream (journey)! I’m a Freelance Graphic Designer (you can check out my creative book over here), based in the UK and mum to a three-year-old girl called Alice (aka Big Al).

WHEN ALICE SLEEPS is an online stories and childrenswear following Alice (the bunny, based on my daughter’s favourite cuddly toy) & friends in her dream world. We create and write beautiful stories, expanding your children’s imagination, and create our own range of merchandise for little kids with BIG personalities. Our illustrations and artwork first kicked off three years ago while on maternity leave, inspired by my Alice ~ in a way, she’s the Creative Director but, without knowing it!

Big Al SLEPT SO MUCH when she was a newborn, and I often wondered what she would be dreaming about. I decided to illustrate these fantastical scenarios and images; Alice dreams of a magical world where you can swim in the sky and fly underground, surf a rainbow and eat fluffy clouds; and invite you to become a part of her awesomely funny world.

Thanks for stopping by and reading. We can’t wait to share with you more stories and products that will make kids smile! In the meanwhile, why not explore and download our FREE kids activities and workbooks over at

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Missie Cindz

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