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Week 1 {pages 4-10/366} #Cindy365Notes

10 January 2016


And just like that, the first full week of 2016 is over.

It’s been a pretty productive week in the studio, and I’m pleased to say I’ve been keeping my pages updated and ‘Notes To Do List‘ ticked off too. If you’re like me, having a good notebook close by is essential in staying motivated, for all those ‘big shot’ ideas and staying focused in my daily goings-on.

Week One (2016 to do list)
Page 4/366 – To create my own rainbow
Page 5/366 – Work / Life balance lifestyle
Page 6/366 – To say “Be Mine!
Page 7/366 – Take a Chill Pill
Page 8/366 Stay Positive
Page 9/366 Take a Happy Pill
Page 10/366 Because it’s OK

#Cindy365Notes is a personal (book/journal) challenge I’ve set myself to help keep my life/work’s goings on in check, ‘one page at a time‘ – calling this my Notebook Companion for the year. Slowly filling the notebook and by the end of the year, I’ll have a perfect keepsake of 2016 I made it through. To me, this project is a creative inspiration for everyday life.

I’ll keep you updated with my progress on here one page at a time.

Missie Cindz