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My Notebook Companion

03 January 2016


Saying I am going to do something and then never ending up doing what I said to others (and myself) I would do, is number 1, frustrating and 2, a let down to myself. In my line of work, I tend to have a notebook or pad nearby – whether it’s writing client’s notes down for their next marketing campaign or scamping out a design for a poster visual. A notebook is never too far out of my reach.

To me, the simple act of writing down something I need to do will make it far more likely to stick. If I let other people know, that can help too. But ultimately, I write stuff down for me – if I didn’t write down all of my ideas, I might forget them! There’s just something about a piece of paper that is far more memorable.



Good Every Day Notes Worth Eating (2016)

A Self Challenge I’ve set myself for 2016 is to complete my Cindy365Notes Challenge for myself by 31st December. Where each day, I will write and share a note to remember and to action their words/doodle within 2016. This was something I first began on January 1st 2013; where putting to action 365 different good notes lead me to an ample of new discoveries and self-growth – but most importantly, provided me the motivation to DO. Forget ‘An apple a day will keep the doctor away’ – ‘A Note A Day…’ to inspire and motivate us will, I’m sure, see you/me/us going through (the stages of) learning, self-development and growth, entrepreneurship and adding value to what you do (and more). How will I accomplish this Challenge? By carrying a notebook and making a list of course, and ticking them off one page by one as I go along.

Here are a couple of ways to make sure I will be able to stick to the challenge:

  • Always carry a notebook. This will be my travelling companion throughout 2016 because I need something to write my notes down and to keep them all contained. I hate loose bits of paper (and then forgetting where I placed them).
  • Create Structure. By creating chapters for my daily notes to focus on helps to provide clarity and a framework for my daily shares.
  • Share my pages with others. That way we can help motivate each other further and hold each other to account. But, in the end, I am doing this for myself but hope the Challenge will inspire and motivate you to do them too!
  • Mark off every completed note. Because it’s satisfying knowing I’ve ticked off a ‘to do’ off my list.


Currently I’m on Page (Day 3), and I look forward to sharing them as the year goes via twitter under #Cindy365Notes, Instagram and pinned on this board. Carry a notebook to jot down ideas, thoughts, actions when you think of them. I intend to.

Thanks for reading.

Missie Cindz