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Rocking Being You (Cindy365Notes)

30 October 2013

Page 297 – Rocking Being YouPage 297 – Rocking Being YouPage 297 – Rocking Being You

One of my favourite pages written so far is page 297/365: Rocking Being You!… because I believe it’s important to have self-respect and self worth.

Boiled down to its simplicity, this page simply means appreciating yourself for who you are — faults, foibles and all. The note prompts me/us to aim to acknowledge our strengths and weaknesses, and moving through the world safe in that knowledge. By having a good self-worth I’m able to feel good about myself for who I/we are and take pride in the abilities I have and accomplished – mistakes happen, I make mistakes and I do, I’ll try to get on with it.

Rock in Your Shoes with Jenny Garrett
There was a Competition on the Afronoire Magazine website this week offering an exciting opportunity to Win a Coaching Session With Jenny Garrett by simply sharing how you are Rocking Your Role in work & life.

Here was my share: I rock in my role as a graphic designer by knowing how to organise, plan and create. Knowing how to organise my time effectively for those important food dates, full-time creative projects and sweet Missie’s Pud Inn events in my local pub back home in Sheffield, allows me to enjoy the best of both worlds and a healthy balance to work and play. Setting a plan how to achieve my goal(s) helps me to create a plan of action(s) – I break down my goal into pieces by writing down the steps in my notebook to make sure I’ve everything thought out and will try to give myself deadlines for each step. Otherwise, I’ll end up procrastinating and never achieving what I set out to do (to create). Creating stuff keeps me feeling challenged, and in any position, it’s important to challenge ourselves… because life’s too short for sheets of procrastination.

I was filled up with excitement when I was tweeted I’d been chosen as one of the winners to experience a coaching session with the talented & highly motivated Jenny Garrett – really looking forward to a real inspiration session! Time to ‘Rock’ me thinks! :)

(Note written by Cindy Cheung taken from the #cindy365notes series, a self-initiated project to find happiness through little actions – writing good notes)

Missie Cindz

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