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Good Luck (Cindy365notes)

28 October 2013

One of my favourite pages written so far, page 300/365One of my favourite pages written so far, page 300/365: The amount of good luck coming your way depends on your willingness to take/create action. I MAKE my own luck through working hard – it doesn’t come to me!

Forks crossed to all my Sheffield Food friends at tonight’s Eat Sheffield Awards – chefs (Chef Mike & Chef Lee), pubs, restaurants & cafes and talented makers nominated! Looks like all the hard work’s paid off – you’re all delicious winners. Have a fantastic time!

It’s a great day to support your local independent restaurants, bars, cafes & pubs. Make the effort.

(Note written by Cindy Cheung taken from the #cindy365notes series, a self-initiated project to find happiness through little actions – writing good notes)

Missie Cindz