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Missie Cindz – Food EnthusiastClever words and delicious things.

Missie Cindz – Food Enthusiast, was set up and run in her spare time by Graphic Designer Cindy Cheung in 2011; a project inspired by Cindy’s earliest experiences with food from her parents’ food business. As a designer and curious food explorer, Cindy came up with, a lifestyle blog that aims to get people talking and sharing about food in an attempt to make our experiences with food as memorable and meaningful as possible.

We believe EVERYDAY’S one big (food) adventure and should make it our aim TODAY to meet new people, try new foods and create new experiences.

Whether it’s curating PudInn clubs in Sheffield, supporting local independents by offering graphic design expertise, through to motivational written musings in a notebook – we are passionate about creating new experiences and memories with ‘honest‘ food involved. To us, food is a perfect catalyst for social change; a metaphor for building relationships.

Things written in this Blog
As a heads up, articles written here can often make you feel very hungry! Missie Cindz/Cindy doesn’t review everywhere she’s eaten.

In April 2013, Cindy decided to take our food adventures to London ~ to challenge herself in a new design and food adventure! Our writings can be from anywhere and everywhere, but mainly from London/Sheffield. If you want to get in touch about anything on this blog please email Cindy.

Want Cindy to design or write for you?
PLEASE NOTE: We do not offer text links nor do we accept payment for the things Cindy writes about. All posts are about things we love and want to share with readers. The integrity of what is written is extremely important to all of us – all our thoughts and opinions are solely ours (unless stated otherwise).

Cindy can also work freelance outside of this blog, so if you are interested in speaking to her about some freelance design, illustration, packaging, editorial or campaign work – you can get in touch here.

Missie Cindz’s General Interests:
None – blogging and design keeps us too busy!

Tea, puddings and all things Northern (because it’s home).


All rights reserved. Original content (e.g. photographs, collages, images, and designs) are all copyright, Cindy Cheung, 2013.

I definitely do not mind if you share my photography, design or original posts but please link and credit appropriately. If you are pinning any of my images, please do so from the actual post (not my main blog URL).

Missie Cindz