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Take Massive Action

05 November 2019

Inspired by my parents to start a creative business
Both my parents didn’t have a clue in starting a business!
Inspired by my parents to start a creative business
My favourite chef in the world! (photo taken in the 80s)
Inspired by my parents to start a creative business
Our family-run Chinese takeaway and fish and chip shop in South Yorkshire

When I was 4, my parents took massive action to start our family food business — a Chinese Takeaway in South Yorkshire. Both my parents didn’t have a clue in running a business, they couldn’t speak English and definitely didn’t have a business plan written up! My mum was front of house, and dad was head chef.

I remember watching my parents work SO HARD and sacrificed their livelihoods to provide the best life for me and my brother so that the next generation didn’t have to go through the same hardships as they did. I especially looked up to my mum; she would start work daily from 7am and wouldn’t finish until 1-2am (crazy, I know!), juggling motherhood with a demanding food business. And like many other British-born Chinese families, this takeaway was our whole existence.

So as I grew up, I’ve always had this strong inclination to have my own business; to start something from scratch which I can share with others. Takeaway kids like me will look back on the fond nostalgic times, but more importantly, without realising it, I learned so much from my parents:
• not to be scared of hard work
• finding out ways to do and work better
• how to believe in yourself when no one else does
• to persevere however difficult a project might be

Just start that big idea!

Just Start – take action
Last week I completed 6.5 years at Chocolate Ltd as Head Designer. It’s been a hugely creative and memorable ride but I’m now, along with my business partners, taking on the challenge of building and running my own design and marketing studio!

As many of you know, I’ve spent my entire career delivering solutions on hundreds of creative projects and marketing briefs. I’ve worked with companies of all sizes – big, small, tiny – and I aim to continue in that vein to have the studio take on the kinds of projects that I can really develop and add value to.

Take action, and tell me about your world changing projects.
or get in touch via twitter and instagram.

{Photos raided from Missie’s family album,
Just Start artwork by Cindy Cheung}

Missie Cindz

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