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Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park

15 July 2019

Family-friendly destinations with Missie Cindz

My favourite way to spend days off is, of course, exploring family friendly eateries and doing kid friendly activities with Big Al. For parents with kids who love the little pink pig, you will no doubt have heard about Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park and today’s blog post is our recent visit to Peppa Pig World.

We took Alice to Paultons Park & she thoroughly enjoyed herself during our 2 day, 1 night stay. Despite the (annoying) theme song playing in our heads the whole weekend and almost four hours traffic to and from the theme park each way in horrendous heat – we had a fantastic weekend with Alice’s favourite piglet & friends! I think she wasn’t sure about meeting the real-life Peppa & family when it came to high-5ing them though (see photos). Overall, the detail of the rides and graphics are splendid, right down to the commentary for each ride and scenes from the show made into real-life. It was all very kid-friendly too, as you’d expect – with clean baby changing rooms, baby food heating and breast feeding facilities. Peppa Pig World only occupies about 1/4 of the park, and our ticket covered access to all areas, but we didn’t explore much of the rest of the park as there was so much to see and to do in Peppa’s world.

Peppa Pig world was busy as expected but the queues weren’t that bad and near closing time around 5pm, we just walked onto the rides. The park is also good fun for older kids and adults with plenty of thrill rides, the staff were knowledgable and friendly, I felt like a big kid again, going on the rides with Alice, some more than once! (and, not so secrety, most of the time, looked like I was enjoying myself more than Alice! :). Overall, I was really impressed with the WHOLE PARK; super clean and the gardens are beautifully manicured with plenty to do and to see – best of all, it really did feel like you were in the actual cartoon show too! (oink oink :)

For our one night stay, we found this wonderful cottage on Air B n B, and only 5 mins drive away from the park – the nearby hotels we looked at near to the park were either fully booked or priced really expensive. Our host, Diane was lovely, I loved all the details and furnishing; and as you can, Al enjoyed a perfect night’s sleep too!

Some of our favourite highlights included:
Grandpa Pig’s Boat Trip
Madame Gazelle’s School House
The Queen’s Flying Coaches
Daddy Pig’s Car Ride
Ice cream from Miss Rabbit’s parlour

We would definitely think about coming again in a couple of years to Paultons Park when Al’s a bit older. Unleash your inner child today – I do, daily :) – Cindz x

Photos by Barry Chan and Cindy Cheung
(aka the REAL Daddy and mummy Pig :)

Missie Cindz

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