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Our Greatest Gift

31 December 2017

Alice Autumn Chan Alice Autumn Chan

Never have I ever been so besotted with anyone like I am with this girl. Yes, I can finally say, this is my daughter Alice Autumn Sen Man Chan {Sen meaning ‘kind-hearted’ and Man 文 meaning ‘literature, culture, worldly, language’ in Chinese}  – who arrived safely on 15th October. And my goodness, I love her so, so much! We hope Alice grows up to become a kind-hearted, generous and cultured individual….

As 2018 approaches, I’m looking forward to stepping into a brand new year as a mum. Wow, I can’t believe I’ve just said that; ‘mum’ – I actually still believe I’ve become a mother. It’s been a big year: Motherhood has taught me how to love a tiny new person in way I never understood before. Thank you Alice for the shorter days, longer nights, smaller bank balance, happier home, shabbier clothes and panda-like eyes.

I’m looking forward to focusing as much as I can on being a great mum, and to always remember how our little family started in the first place. 2018 will certainly be all about being present in the moment, being patient, being grateful and appreciative of what we have, being selfless and being with our loved ones. It’s been hard keeping these blog posts updated as you can see I’ve been busy but am hoping to share more creative, foodie and special moments with you all in 2018.

Happy New Year guys – wishing you lots of love to receive, dreams to fulfill, simple moments to cherish, and cheeky winks to give in 2018!

Missie Cindz