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Hey Girl! – getting ready for change

13 September 2017

Hey Girl – mum to be

Hey girl, it’s 35 weeks! I can’t believe how fast the weeks are going and can’t wait to meet this tiny person.

Now you all know why I have been so quiet on the blog & twittersphere, why I had to put a pause on some of my stationery activities this year and on the quiet side on my #Cindy365Notes Project – all because of this tiny human person in the making!

There’s sooooooooo much to learn about pregnancy, no-one prepped me for all the tiredness especially as I was feeling so sick, nauseous, and exhausted during the 1st trimester and having a hard time keeping up with work and being put off by all of the foodie things I loved most! After the half way mark time FLIES! And I must admit, this third trimester has been the best so far – maybe it’s the excitement? And have no fear, Missie Cindz won’t turn into a baby blog. But considering my new circumstance, some things that are too colourfully cute not to post just may pop up from time to time!

My maternity leave began this week – it was hard leaving work and the best colleagues, ever! I think the transition of being super career-focused to parenthood will be a real shock, and one of my greatest challenge yet. Fingers crossed, but I’m taking one day as it comes; me and Baz are grateful to have so many supportive family and friends around us. We’re thrilled and excited to begin prepping for our Lady Mini Cindz’s arrival.

How do you working mums find time to get things done and juggle with parenthood? – it would be great to hear your thoughts. — Cindz

{Illustration by Cindz, photo of Mini Cindz’s first Nike Air Max trainers by Baz – they’re pretty ‘sick’ trainers! She’s going to have him wrapped around her tiny finger, I just know it!}


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