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Cans of Motivation

02 August 2016

Missie Cindz Cans of MotivationLately, I’ve been focusing on the theme of ‘Motivation‘ and personal growth. Motivation is so important – it’s what keeps me going and getting things done. There’s a lot of successful people who have the drive necessary to continue and find their journey of self-growth. However, even the most achievement-oriented people come to a point when their motivation levels can become drained – so, how can we keep that spark of encouragement going to give us that push? One way, is when we encourage each other.

No matter the time or place, everybody needs some inspiration in their everyday lives (I certainly do). The ‘Cans of Motivation‘ campaign as part of my #Cindy365Notes project is to help us keep moving toward success, positivity at work and happiness; consisting of 28 different Cans of Motivation each with their own motivational purpose and I think everyone could benefit with a daily dosage of motivation to kick start their day!

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FREE August 2016 ‘Do It’ Motivational Calendar

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