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A Tea pot of Flowers

17 July 2015


Upcycling Gardening
Turns out old containers, tin cans & unused home objects are secretly stylish planting pots!

Last month I found a new hobby which didn’t include the Apple Mac: Growing Your Own at Home. It’s so important to develop new interests and now & again to switch offline. Currently I’m growing a fantastic abundance of FREE FOOD on the windowsill! (well, waiting patiently), and now everything I look at I try to figure out how I could plant succulents in it!

With a little creativity, nearly anything can become a planter. Currently my windowsills are brimming full of great-looking planters (I like to call this my urban home garden) and as you can see, even ‘rubbish’ can easily be used as functional plant pots for statement décor elements. I LOVE the ingenuity of a re-purposed planter!

Are you ready to get into creative gardening? Share your inventive planter/potty ideas below – Have a great weekend, all.

Missie Cindz

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