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Pud Inn Crawl – The Route

23 January 2015

Brightening up a dull day with indulgent puddings and baked treats
with a Pud Inn Crawl!

Missie's Pud Inn Crawl Route

Usually held at the Rutland Arms, but on this occasion, we’re going on a Pud Inn Crawl, featuring FOUR SHEFFIELD VENUES, FOUR PUDDINGS and supporting independent eateries sprinkled with 15 equally fun and lovely Sheffield folks.

The Pud Inn Route
The pudding tour route will feature local Sheffield favourites; Eten Cafe, Tamper Coffee Sellers Wheel, Harland Cafe and Amici and Bici. With a special ‘Favourites‘ pud theme, cafes will be sharing some of their favourite, best selling baked treats with diners. Diners can also vote, for fun, their favourite Pudding of the Tour – it’s going to be Forking Marvellous!

The limited number of tickets to attend the event have all been sold but we’re hoping, if this first Pud Inn Crawl turns out well, we’ll probably be planning our next Crawl very soon!

If you don’t have a ticket to join the full tour, you can still join us somewhere along the route – meeting times are above but you will need to buy your desserts separately at each venue.

Looking forward to the sweet weekend with PudInn diners – Cindz x

{illustration by Cindy Cheung}


Missie Cindz

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