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Merry Everything and Happy 2015

24 December 2014

Cindz-xmasI’d feed you some Christmas pudding right now if I could: Let the joyful eats commence!

It’s hard to believe we’re coming to the end of 2014; and what a fulfilling and productive year it’s been too. I can’t say I have had it all mapped out all the time but it’s been a pretty ‘thumbs up’ year! 2013 was a 365 noteful journey and 2014 was a year of figuring out London as a Designer ~ getting myself onto projects out of my comfort zone and working with exciting clients. There’s been plenty of randomness in between, which makes it more enjoyable (of course).

I hope to use some time off for the festive holiday to come back in the New Year with even more colour in what I share, new enthusiasm, fresh creativity and looking forward to new exciting collaborative projects – new projects that will help to build a stronger sense of community. I’d like to curate more events and social meet-ups in 2015 that will create new (sweeter) memories!

In addition, a new personal adventure begins early in the year too…. Las Vegas, we’re coming!! :)

Have an amazing Christmas break everyone, get stuffed and laugh plenty with special people. I’ll see you back here in 2015!

~ Missie Cindz x

Missie Cindz

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