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30 Days of Paper Project

08 November 2014

30-days-of-paper-challenge-dayMy 30 Days of Paper Project My 30 Days of Paper ProjectMy 30 Days of Paper Project

This week so me begin my #30daysofpaper Project, a creative paper-themed challenge by @thereadingresidence (thank you @tinyjneenie for the heads up!). The paper cuts have already began, and it’s been interesting seeing people’s daily Instagram/twitter shares as everyone’s personal interpretation of each day’s theme can be so different!

Here’s a re-cap of my daily (7-day) paper shares so far:

  • Day 1 (Something Pretty): Pretty Creighton chocolate bars
  • Day 2 (Something Blue): Paper & Cup in Shoreditch
  • Day 3 (Something New): Missie Cindz Christmas cards
  • Day 4 (Currently): Experimenting with watercolours on paper
  • Day 5 (’S’): Sprinkles Cupcake branding
  • Day 6 (Handy): Colourful sticky notes – so handy for helping me to remember all the little details (and important food dates) in life!
  • Day 7 (Read): A Ceiling of floating reading books at Leadenhall Market, London (in the City)

You can follow the next 23 days of my paperlicious challenge here: @cchdesign, why not give it a go yourself? – let’s show sheets of paper love-in!

{Photos by Cindy Cheung }

Missie Cindz

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