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Awesome October Collecting Moments

29 October 2014

Collect more moments, not things!

A fantastically awesome October: Travelling, collecting and sharing (memorable) moments, making new friends & developing new design skills! – there is definitely no doubting that October has been fun & delicious this month!

  • 1. Had such a lovely time at my first instameet with the lovely @thehappilyeverafter and her partner Gabe,sharing desserts with Christine in NYC was one proper sweet moment!
  • 2. Meng treated us to a great dinner in NYC, which me and Baz were so grateful for (and still feeling really guilty about). Thank you so much! (had such a lovely time meeting you and catching up)
  • 3. My walk cross the Brooklyn Bridge was accomplished, and it was my first time! A gorgeous sunny day
  • 4. I said YES!! – the 3rd October was World Smile Day too :)
  • 5. Hello Laaaaaas Vegaaaaaas!
  • 6. If you didn’t know I’ve been busy festive planning, chock-full of NEW ‘Alternative Christmas’ greeting cards & gifts over here in my web shop
  • 7. Hello beautiful London
  • 8. A fantastic girls catch up session back up in Sheffield with homemade cake and a cuppa (or two)!

Let there be more good times in November.

{Photo by Cindy Cheung}

Missie Cindz

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