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28 Days Crave Veggies (Day 2)

25 March 2014

28 Days Crave Veggies (day 2)28 Days Crave Veggies (day 2) 28 Days Crave Veggies (day 2) 28 Days Crave Veggies (day 2)28 Days Crave Veggies (day 2)Time for a Food Change
For the next 28 days I will be turning to a vegetarian diet to help myself become a healthier and ‘feel better’ me – I’ve called this my 28 Days Crave Veggies Challenge. Before the challenge, I had been feeling sluggish and thought this challenge would be just the boost my body needed, I was also concerned that too many of my meals, whether it was eating out or at home, revolved around meat and I wanted to find out was meat really necessary? This challenge (I hope) will be a fantastic food experience of discovering new satisfying (new) meals packed with vegetables, whole grains and more. I’ve kicked the ‘habit’ of eating meat and giving the veggies a chance to take centre stage for a whole month – wish me luck!

A morning run to Whole Foods Market in Piccadilly Circus. My office is in Central London so I am fortunate enough to be so close to such a fantastic place for delicious wholesome food. What was in my bag I hear you ask? I bought a huge box of The Food Doctor Fig and Cranberry Granola – juicy fruits with toasted seeds and baked oat flakes, natural greek yoghurt, Manomasa tortilla chips and a deep good morning ‘breath-in’ of Whole Food delicious bakery! (their freshly baked blueberry scones are a must-eat).

A fantastic meat-free lunch with my friend Hannah Walker from Sheffield at Kahve Dunyasi. Being a vegetarian doesn’t mean I’m off sugar! Lunch included a tasty spinach & cheese quiche, and pudding involved a Kahve Dunyasi cake – which was a Florentine with a pistachio nut base topped with vanilla mousse and a 3 different kinds of chocolate covered in thick chocolate ganache with a single coffee bean dipped in edible gold powder! (too good-looking to eat but I couldn’t resist not digging on!) – the size of Hannah’s Biscuit cake was huuuuuuuuuuge! Well, if we’re going to have pudding we might as well go all out!

I turned a favourite classic into a vitamin boost with a meat-free take on spaghetti Bolognese (overloaded with onions & mushrooms, and using quorn as a meat subsitute). Tastes so amazingly delicious that I forgot half way through eating it that it was a vegetarian dish at all!

Misc Snacks
1 whole fairtrade banana & slices of banana soreen loaf – yup, I do love bananas (keeps me being bonkers! :)

It’s not so much about the label ‘vegetarian’ as it is about challenging myself to be more conscious of what I eat and how it impacts me physically. I’ll keep you updated daily on this blog and twitter on what I’m eating and how I’m progressing during the challenge. Bring on Day 3 – thanks for reading :) – Cindz

Missie Cindz

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