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28 Days of Kindness (Day 27)

28 February 2014

28 Days of Kindness – Day 27

Offer to Skill Share and help a Small Business
Small independent businesses and ambitious new startups are the heart to any city, adding personality, character and individuality – they are groups of people who have a direct and vital involvement with the local community.

From my first visit to a Sheffield’s Farmer’s Market up in Nether Edge, where I discovered a connection with food within my local community. I was attracted in the variety of artisan food on display, and soon realised Sheffield had so many talented producers, chefs, hard working farmers and restauranteurs. Being a Graphic Designer, whenever I can, I will try my best to help and support small businesses through a number of ways via sharing my design knowledge and skills – from helping small businesses create a visual identity that will be a commercially effective tool in making them stand out from the crowd through to designing packaging to help create personality to their products and service, or simply just answering questions about labels and recommending print suppliers. ‘Good’ design can play a vital role in the make or break (survival) to a business.

Advising small businesses (or new startup) can also prove to be a way of everyone getting to know their neighbours. My parent’s owned our family food business in a small town up North, Rotherham, for almost 25 years. And as a small business, we understood the importance of a personal service, trust and affordability for the customer – and often the best ways to communicate some of these pointers could involve a campaign or simply shown in a poster. It’s feels satisfying as a designer to help build services/brands and developing marketing that works without a monetary value – to follow a new start up and watch them flourish is usually rewarding enough.

So if you are you a startup business needing inspiration or questions answering about branding & packaging for your business? Get in touch (via twitter or email) and I’ll try to advise if I can – Missie Cindz :)

Missie Cindz

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