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28 Days of Kindness (Day 25)

26 February 2014

28 Days of Kindness – Day 25missie-cindz-28-days-kindess-day25aMaking New Friends and Sharing Noodles

Making new friends & sharing noodles in real-life with Jen (twitter: @inkpixelspaper) on Day 25.

I first met Jen on twitter and Instagram a almost 3 years ago, Jen’s a web designer/developer from the US of A and she finally came over to the London today, it was only a very short stay but I was determined to make sure her stay was worthwhile. When I first found out Jen would be visiting good ol’ Blighty early in the year I knew I would have to make one evening free to finally meet her for cakes – it would’ve been rude not to! There are times when there’s nothing better than a rambling conversation whilst sharing cakes & noodles to untangle the mind, and that’s exactly what we did.

The photo above shows what happens when a Northern lass meets an American, and we get let loose in central London! It was great to meet you Jen. Enjoy your stay in the UK & have a safe journey back home.

Get out of your comfort zone and say “hi!” ~ Just be open to meeting someone new! You can never have too many friends :)

Missie Cindz

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