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Sheffield Master Cutlers Challenge 2014

18 February 2014

missie-cindz-28-days-kiness-day17Life's a (delicious) EPIC Adventure ~ or nothing at allmissie-cindz-master-cutlers-challenge-1 missie-cindz-master-cutlers-challenge-3missie-cindz-master-cutlers-challenge-2Sheffield Master’s Cutlers Challenge 2014 / 28 Days of Kindness (Day 17)

To me, making something happen for a good cause. Giving is great – all round, and so is connecting with others. The Master Cutlers Challenge launched  at the Cutler’s Hall in Sheffield on 13th February 2014, due to London work commitments I wasn’t able to attend the event launch but my sidekicks, Endcliffe Park Cafe were there raring to go and showing support for the Challenge. The Master Cutlers Challenge is one of the largest and most exciting charity fundraising events in Sheffield, where each participating team receives £100 in cash and (we) have six epic months to use our creativity, teamwork and entrepreneurial skills to turn the £100 into as much as we possibly can for two Sheffield charities: Whirlow Hall Farm Trust and Sheffield Hospitals Charity!

Why did I do it?
Quite simply, I think collaborating with epic small businesses and able to give back to the local community doing what I love doing is great!

  • Connecting with others plays a vital part of human happiness and so is doing things to help others. While plotting fun ideas to raise happiness and money to good causes is great and important to do, what we can bring in terms of energy and time is often more important than what we can give financially ourselves. Making something happen for a good cause is good for us too – we can use our skills/strengths, building our competence and boosting positive emotions.
  • Fundraising can be fantastic fun, involving our friends, family, colleagues, neighbours in activities, entertainment, puddings and more and so it can be good for others as well as myself. Providing other people with an opportunity for giving, connecting and having fun! What’s more it can be great for our local communities as a way of bringing people together.
  • And of course, it’s great for the charities we help and the causes they serve. Charities like the Whirlow Hall Farm Trust and Sheffield Hospitals Charity depend on donations to do their work and so using our time and talents to raise money, helps them to help others (you never know when one day we/or the people we care about most needs their help). Through the support of community fundraisers and annual events like the Master Cutlers Challenge, these charities can reach more people and make a bigger difference to people who need extra help and care. Get involved and help to make life better for patients.

Good luck to all the enthusiastic teams involved in this year’s Challenge. I’m looking forward to sharing what myself and Team Epic have planned (look out for news on their facebook page and on this blog). Let’s raise as much fun and money as we can….

(Illustration by Cindy Cheung, photos from the Master Cutlers Challenge event launch kindly snapped and shared by Ashley C)

Missie Cindz

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