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28 Days of Kindness (Day 12)

13 February 2014

28 Days of Kindness – Day 1228 Days of Kindness – Day 12Writing Happy Notes…
Today I wrote a bunch of ‘happy’ thank you notes (on some delicious stationery). I had such a long day in the studio, I was hungry and tired, and had been feeling anxious all day after hearing some news about someone really close to me in the morning (I kinda feeling sorry for myself – yes, today was one of those days!). Then, in the evening, just before bed, I picked up the pen and began writing notes to a couple friends that I’ve been thinking of. There’s something sacred & personal about handwriting on beautiful papers.

A nice hand written note full of smiles and good vibes only takes a couple minutes and can go a long way. Just before bed, I realised there were so many people to thank. So much to be thankful for….

(Illustration by Cindy Cheung)

Missie Cindz

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