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Missie Cindz 2014 Diaries

13 October 2013

Make 2014 your BEST year yet with a Missie Cindz ‘Dates’ diary! NEW stationery on the web shop now.

Organising yourself for success is the first step to achieving what you want and making the most of every opportunity. These diaries/planners are the perfect everyday companion for managing appointments, meetings, events and more in style. Each page featuring words of encouragement and inspiration to ‘do it’ and getting things done.

Each diary is a handy A5 size, 60 lined pages with inspiring weekly prompts printed on the bottom of each double page. On the first page there is a small tag to scribble your name. Printed in the UK on recycled luxury paper and card.

Being organised is about having the right tools and the right systems in place to use them. Owning a Missie Cindz diary won’t suddenly make you organised unless you apply the discipline to update it regularly. In the next coming weeks I will be featuring on this blog a range of helpful on and offline resources with tips to help you become more efficient at managing your time and organisation at home and at work – to ensure you set yourself up to succeed in making 2014 your year! They might not work for everyone but they do for me.

Cindy365Notes Project
The notes included and shared in my diaries are taken from my current on-going Cindy365Notes Series, a personal ‘note a day to action’ challenge which began of 1st January and comes to a conclusion midnight 31/12/2013. My year in handwritten notes has certainly changed my way of approaching work, business and life.

Find your Missie Cindz 2014 ‘Dates’ Diary here. Staying in touch with loved ones is so important. Book time into your diary each week and commit to friends & family. Do It and enjoy! – Missie Cindz x

{photos by Steve Dampier of Love and Soul Photography, shot in Damson & Co Brewer Street, Soho London}

Missie Cindz

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