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Yee Kwan Ice Cream Competition

18 August 2013

Create your own special limited edition Yee Kwan Ice Cream Pud Inn flavour

Create your own special limited edition Yee Kwan Ice Cream Pud Inn flavour

Yee Kwan Ice Cream is making a special limited flavour especially for Back to School Pud Inn!

I’m thrilled to be collaborating with Sheffield’s Yee Kwan Ice Cream to offer one lucky ice cream lover the chance to invent their own ice cream flavour and have it made by Yee herself in time for Back to School Pud Inn Club on Saturday 28th September.

If you could have your very own ice cream flavour that sums up school in a scoop, what would it be?

All you have to do is, name the ingredients you feel a pulse that conjures up delightful memories of school puddings by leaving your comments below. Entries must be posted by Monday 10th September at 6.00pm BST, and the winner of our exciting competition will be picked by Yee Kwan herself, who will then make the ice cream for the winner to taste. We’re hoping to give our followers & diners something we’ve never given them before: a chance to mix up an ice cream flavour as nutty as the professor you used to have for Physics class! :)

If you prefer using Facebook, our competition is also available here too!

So what do you win? Not only will your limited edition Back to School flavour be exclusively made by Yee Kwan Ice Cream and scooped for Pud Inn diners to enjoy but you will also be sent TWO complimentary tickets to Pud Inn. So make sure you can join us on Saturday 28th September (would be great to have you with us) – if you’re not from Sheffield, travel will need to be arranged & paid for yourself.

The competition ends Monday 10th September 2013 at 6.00pm BST, so get your flavours in now before the school bell rings. Good luck! – Cindz :)

Sweet scoops of happiness
I’ve posted about my love for Sheffield-based Yee Kwan Ice Cream before, but good news is…..for those of you in Sheffield, they will be opening their very own shop this November in the new Sheffield Markets on The Moor. Their fresh flavour palate focuses on Eastern-inspired ingredients such as black sesame seeds, green tea, and exotic fruit including mangoes and lychee to create delicious small-batch, artisan ice cream. Her pots fill the cold cabinets at Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge, Leeds and Manchester; Whole Foods in London; Wing Yip supermarkets; Beanies Whole Foods and in a numerous restaurants across Sheffield & the UK. I’ve been lucky enough to watch this small artisan brand grow from strength to strength, and wish Yee all the best with her future exciting plans!

UPDATE: Congrats to Rebecca Helen from Manchester/Sheffield, UK for being our School Pud Inn flavour winner this time! – This was Rebecca’s suggestion: “PB&J ice cream. Perfect school sandwich. Peanut butter ice cream with strawberry swirls and chunky nuts and strawberry bits!” – let’s see what Yee scoops up!

*Competition limited to UK residents onlyWinner will be contacted by email once comments close and announced on the bottom of this post soon after. If you purchase a ticket(s) to attend and end up being the winner you will be reimbursed payment on the day.

Missie Cindz