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Happy Hour PudInn Tickets

02 June 2013

You're invite to Missie's PudInn on 22nd June

You are invited to attend Missie Cindz’s 'Happy Hour' PudInn Club on Saturday 22nd June in the Rutland Arms


Tickets for #MissiesPudInn are on sale Monday 3rd June! Limited spaces and usually fly out within hours.

You can pop into the Rutland Arms on Brown ST, Sheffield to pick up tickets from 12noon, OR email me to reserve tickets.

It makes me smile, knowing that there’s still SO MUCH interest and support for PudInn club ~ at first I was worried with me relocating to London I’d have to ditch my PudInn events. But there’s still LOTS of interest :) Even though, I’ve experienced a lot of changes in the past few months, I’m still passionate about doing my bit for the Sheffield food scene and community (I always said to my friends, you can take me out of Sheffield but you can’t take the Sheffieldian outta me!)

I look forward to see/meeting new and regular PudInn diners in a few weeks. I (along with the five chefs/bakers) can’t wait to dish up wholesome servings of happy treats for you.

Have a great new week all! Hope it’s full of sweet new discoveries worth remembering – Missie Cindz

{Photo of Missie’s PudInn tickets, designed and illustrated by Cindy Cheung}

Missie Cindz

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