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23 March 2013

So when is Santa coming!?

So when is Santa coming!? – I'm ready fro you!


There was lots of snow on the Sheffield UK hills this weekend and the white fluff made me think, Christmas. I wondered whether Santa was on his way visiting again and I got a little excited for a moment. I stayed in all day and caught up on work. Brainstorming, doodling, e-mails, ideas for change, writing new plans in my Ready notebook, etc – pretty grown up stuff, but it has to be done!

When you was little and if the weather was miserable; did you ever stay indoors playing board games with the family and friends? – I did. I love board games! – Connect Four, Guess Who, taking a spin through life with a Game of Life, Monopoly, Battleships, Snakes and Ladders; you name it, I played it. It’s quite sad to think board games being replaced with mobile phone apps, facebook, PC/media games and online gaming, etc. Call me old fashioned but I liked the excitement that went with rolling a dice, moving forward a space with a counter, missing a go and sliding down the snakes!

What was your most favourite board game as a kid when it was miserable weather outside?

Have a great weekend everyone – whatever you do, keep warm and stay hungry! — Cindz :)


Missie Cindz

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