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The Mighty Weekend Lunch at Coffeehouse

17 February 2013

Coffee House feat. Tamper Coffee at The Chimney House

Lunch at the Chimney House, Sheffield. A house with a really BIG chimney!!

Coffee House feat. Tamper Coffee at The Chimney HouseCoffee House feat. Tamper Coffee at The Chimney House

Nonna's grand smorgasbord of all we needed to create the most perfect of sandwich

Getting ready to build the sandwich fit for the finest king and queen.


I do love the smell of a freshly brewed cup of coffee…

So many friendships, adventures, and experiences are founded or nurtured over a cuppa. How many times have we said to each other, “Let’ get the kettle on and have a good chat over a brew”? – if you’re like me, many. There are so many wonderfully small, yet profound moments that take place over a warm Cup of Joe, and when I saw Coffeehouse taking place at Sheffield’s Chimney House coming up, I jumped for the chance to grab myself a seat or two. Afterall, gatherings like these remind people of how we can connect together with others in person.

The Coffeehouse – Mighty Lunch Social was taken place on Saturday 16th February 2013, organised by coffee connoisseurs Tamper Coffee and Sheffield’s Chimney House, the session was an hour and a half – 2 hours of coffee, chat, indulging on some of the best own-made grub Sheffield dares to offer, and all in the company of friendly locals. Seated in a surrounding that was complete with a somewhat industrial, minimalist vibe. This explains the Chimney House’s exposed red brick walls and ceiling, earthy tones, and airy, open space.

I am shocked to admit that this was my first time at the Chimney House (better late than never they do say!). The venue is a grade II listed monument in Sheffield’s old industrial heartland of Kelham Island. It’s hard to imagine now, but the Chimney House was the origins of the steel rolling mills which made Kelham Island famous. I really liked the idea of being surrounded by Sheffield’s history.

Guests were able to relax and kick back. Sat on long 20ft antique tables with other Sheffield friends and family, for starters we were served with Tamper’s homemade winter vegetables with barley – brimming with goodness, and a bowl of this stuff certainly didn’t leave me feeling deprived either!

Good job we didn’t ask for more soup. Not so long after our bowls were taken away we were then greeted with a huge smorgasbord of indulgent lunch items – a menu created by one of my favourite Sheffield Italian restaurants, Nonnas. The savoury and (very) spicy salami and parma ham were all full of flavour, tasty, and accompanied with cheese and Nonnas signature green pesto wedged in between their freshly made focaccia — ummm, out of this world. And although, we’re girls – hey, we like our epic portions but there was just so much food between us. We were absolutely defeated (stuffed)!

Me and Suz felt absolutely welcomed here. Gian of Nonnas, Tamper Coffee along with their Barrista team and Sally of the Chimney House all did a fabulous job delivering guests endless cups of delights, food surprises and getting things ticking along smoothly – I do wonder if team Tamper’s currently suffering from arm ache after serving up to 300 coffees throughout the weekend??

The afternoon saw guests connect over locally made food and drink, there was laughter and puffy faces after being defeated by a ‘simple‘ lunch.

I’m already looking forward to the next Coffeehouse cuppa – get that kettle on please!

Creating and building friendships over coffee

Creating and building friendships over coffee

Coffee House at the Chimney House

Coffee House at the Chimney House

Coffee House at the Chimney House

Missie Asks – Describe your ideal coffee house…
What are the “must haves” for beverages and food items in your ideal coffee house? If one already exists in your opinion, what is it and where?

Note: All my posts are about things I love and want to share with my readers. The integrity of what is written is extremely important to me – all my thoughts, writing and opinions are solely mine (unless stated otherwise). If you went to Coffehouse this weekend, I’d love to know what you thought of the venue and the food you had – Missie Cindz

The Chimney House /4 Kelham Island, Off Alma St / Sheffield, S3 8RY / T: 0114 276 7885

{Photos by Suz, Cindy Cheung and the Chimney House as shared on Instagram}

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