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Bungalows and Bears, Sheffield

04 February 2013

Bungalows and Bears, SheffieldBungalows and Bears, Sheffield

Digging into the Bungalow and Bears Ruby Jean's Burger. Nice.

Digging into the Bungalow and Bears Ruby Jean's Burger. Nice.

Bungalows and Bears, Sheffield

Every so often, I’ll crave for something not so healthy or clean – you know those moments when you feel that you’ve been ‘too good’ food-wise for the week. Say hello to the burger – something that makes you think beef-meat overload and America sandwiched in a sesame bread bun overloaded with relish and lettuce. Nice!

Well, I experienced one of those days and to satisfy my urge for the burger I trotted off to Bungalows and Bears (twitter: @bungsandbears). I hadn’t been in here for food for a long time and it looked like they’d updated the food menu since the last time I’d been in. I ordered their Ruby Jean’s burger and fries – a burger stuffed with smoked bacon, emmental, mushrooms and onion rings. The beefburger was char-grilled and one bite into this burger, I was honestly amazed (in terms of size and taste – just look at those photos above!). It wasn’t anything fancy-looking, it was just that they managed to do it right. The filling combo was surprisingly amazing. Beware though, if you’re expecting clean fingers after tackling this burger, then you’ll be disappointed but then who wants to eat burgers clean? :) It’s a fairly large burger so do make sure you’re hungry too, I struggled to finish it but I had friends who were happy to help (we don’t like to waste good food). The burger was divine indeed. I’m not usually a big fan of the fries, but their double-cooked chips were delicious! – not the greasy and soggy type of chips.

The price isn’t your average cheap burger (but I always say, you pay for what you get) – the Ruby Jean’s burger with all her trimmings is £9.75 but every Tuesday evening Bungalows and Bears offer 2-4-1 on all their gourmet burgers. If you’re vegetarian, there’s also plenty of choices for homemade veggie options with three types to choose from including the Shroomaloomi (flat mushrooms and grilled halloumi) – I’ve not tried it myself but my foodie companion Clare (@pinklittlebean) recommends it and she’s got great cheese taste! The staff were generally friendly and the service generally good.

It may be a heart attack on a plate, but it sure does look good…and I can confirm that it tasted as good as it looked!

Bungalows and Bears/ Old Fire Station, 50 Division St, City Centre, Sheffield S1 4GF/ Tel: 0114 279 2901

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{Photo by Cindy Cheung. If you have an immense burger combo you’d love to share, send me your burger photos and suggestions to try to: feedme(at)missiecindz(dot)com}

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