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31 January 2013

Getting ready to usher in the 2013 Chinese New Year!

Getting ready to usher in the 2013 Chinese New Year!


A Special Gift For 2013 Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year is fast approaching. New Plans. Be ready to jot down all those new year goals and meaningful things you will achieve in a Missie Cindz Notebook.

This year, your colourful Missie Cindz is making a presence on Chinese New Year items, the red lucky envelopes (红包) or sometimes in Chinese called ‘lai see’. In Chinese and other Asian societies, a red envelope or red packet is a monetary gift which is given during holidays or special occasions. So, why not give your monetary gift some personality with Missie-licious tasty red envelopes? As you can see from my expression; I’m hungry for my new year fodder and equally excited to see my crispy notes! :)

Giving lai see to people during Chinese New Year simply means that you are wishing them good fortune and prosperity in the year to come. Lai see is given from “big to small,” “old to young,” and “senior to junior.”

Chinese New Year falls on February 10 this year and will see out the dragon year and welcome the entrance of the snake.

Culturally, me and my parents reach out to friends and family in the lead-up to Chinese New Year, there’s lots of excitement in mum’s household, table loads of really good homemade food and a real sense of connection amongst friends, family and neighbours. These Missie Cindz red packets celebrates a significant time of year and also a very personal one to me where I can get together and thank the people I love.

Did you know that children sleep with these red envelops under their pillows, to create good dreams and an auspicious new year.

Want one or two?
You can get free ‘special edition’ Missie Cindz red packets by spending £30.00 or more at our online takeaway (until 10th Feb). Just a little tip, ensure the total amount inside a red packet ends in even digits as funerals are often associated with odd numbers.

Make the Year of the Snake even more meaningful by expressing yourself on paper – big ideas start with a pen and paper! Happy eat/shopping!

{ photo and illustration by Cindy Cheung }

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