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Travelling Notebooks Project

09 August 2012

Have you joined our Travelling Notebooks project yet?

Have you joined our Travelling Notebooks project yet?
A few weeks ago I finally got the chance to meet the lovely, Sheffield blogger and incredibly happy, Emma Fisher (aka @Oh_Gosh) to talk about all things food and craft-related – have you seen this lady’s Pinterest boards? – they’re awesome! We talked about everything and anything. Emma asked about my notebooks and I was more than happy to share my news and excitement about them with her. My new stationery, starting off with notebooks, aims to get you all to fall back in love with writing again. There are 3 different notebooks, each with super fun themes – Recipe, Snap and Ready. As we were chatting the idea of turning each of them into travelling notebooks blossomed (like anything, two minds are better than one!), and so, to coincide with the launch of my notebooks on Monday 27th August. We will be sending a full set of notebooks out into the world for you all to see, read and complete.

Every page is an adventure; every written word becomes a trip!

Every page is an adventure; every written word becomes a trip!

How would you fill in your 'RECIPES' notebook? we'd love to know.

What is the Travelling Notebooks Project?
The Travelling Notebooks Project is a collaborative project to help promote the sometimes lost art of putting pen to paper and writing; encouraging people to explore and do things and then record them in their notebook – create a vignette of your own – afterall, every page is an adventure where every written word becomes a trip!

I’ve blogged to most of you my food discoveries – sharing new things worth trying, introducing the chefs I’ve stalked or satisfying your sugar rushes at Missie’s Pud Inn; I’ve also taken hundreds of photos of my latest lunch meal or dinner and even shared some of my best baking recipes. Thus, it would be wonderful to have you sharing with us your very own adventures of life! – we’d love to know how you fill in your page/book.

Notebooks are always a wonderful gift especially for yourself or to give to people and branching out and starting up my own, distinctive brand of papers was important to me because these days we just aren’t writing enough. There are three different books in this first series with each notebook having its own personality and meaning:

  • READY – Pretty things. Clever Words. (lined pages – encouraged to be used for your daily musings)
  • SNAP – Life is like photography, use the negatives and develop. (blank pages – encouraged to be used for doodles, sketches or sticking in snaps)
  • RECIPES – Breakfast, lunch, life….and everything in between. (blank and lined pages – encouraged to be used to write and collect your fave food recipes/life moments/experiences)

Let our books become your travel companion; take it everywhere you go!

How do I get involved?
If you’d like to join in, head over to The Travelling Notebooks Project blog for more details and fill in the sign up form. As soon as the books are off the printing press (not long now) they’ll be winging their way to the first person on our travelling notebook’s destination. Let’s see how far a set of notebooks can actually travel – at least once across the world we hope!

Missie Cindz notebooks will be available from our Missie’s Takeaway and a range of Sheffield stockists from Monday 27th August 2012. A list of lovely Sheffield stockists will be posted up and shared nearer to the launch date. Finally, a big thank you to Emma and all those who have tweeted and messaged me regarding my new books. It’s SO encouraging and helpful to hear your honest and great feedback!

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