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An Appetite for Guilt-free Cake?

02 May 2012

Hungry for cake this weekend? Tasty treats from Sheffield's Heavenlies cakes

Hungry for cake this weekend? Tasty treats from Sheffield's Heavenlies cakes


Come rain or shine, if you’re out in Sheffield on Saturday 5th May and a fan of all things cake then you really should make your way to Tamper in Sheffield. Appetite, a project set up by two Sheffield food bloggers – Feast and Glory and Nibbly Pig (I love it when food bring people together) are holding a cake gathering with all cake proceeds going to the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society (@mssocietyuk).

Enjoying good cake plays a big part in what I do – after all, what’s life without treats? Appetite’s Cake Break brings together a sweet collection of treats made by some of my favourite Sheffield bakers and cafes who I’m told have all kindly donated their cakes to the cause.

MS Awareness Week 2012 runs from 30 April – 06 May 2012. This week provides a great opportunity to help people to understand what it means to have MS and here’s a lovely, well written blog post by Liberty London Girl (@LibertyLndnGirl): MS Awareness Week 2012 who explains to us the importance of creating awareness and educating people about MS being just as important as raising money for research & support. Both bloggers provide a concise explanation of a condition that isn’t brought up to the surface much and is deeply misunderstood – everybody please make sure you read them! (If I’m honest, I wasn’t sure about the condition until reading Liberty London Girl’s post).

The list of bakers and cafes contributing include Cat Lane Bakery, PJ taste, Honeypie Tea Room, #brownies, Heavenlies, Komal of Fusion Organic, My Honeybunch Cakepops, Spoon Bistro, Thelma’s Cafe and more…

For more information about Appetite’s event visit: Cake Break at Tamper Coffee

Or you can find out how to help raise Awareness for MS Week from the Multiple Sclerosis Trust’s helpful site.

Let’s please help raise awareness, perhaps give out a tweet or organise your own cake bake sale to support those living with MS to live a full active life? – I love a good piece of cake that gives back…

{Photo of Heavenlies cakes by Cindy Cheung}


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