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New Columns and Tasty Contributors

27 April 2012

Do you love to blog about food?


Missie Cindz is looking for some foodie friends and blogging contributors!
I’m always inspired by trips to the market, by the beauty in the simple things I stumble across, and by food. I am looking for blog contributors (or guest bloggers) for my food blog. This blog receives a steady flow of traffic and has a lot of potential to grow. Unfortunately my involvement in design projects and organising food events that helps to promote the Missie Cindz food love means I do not have time to blog as much as I would like. I am looking for two or three contributors. At the moment I am looking for someone who has a real passion to blog about food – someone who will love to share their local ‘secret’ finds to our readers; enjoys scoffing good food and then taking pictures of their eats and sharing them to their followers – basically, you’ve got to be bonkers about food as much as I am! :)

What I am looking for
You do not have to be a fantastic writer – your narrative is just your own. Ability to post at least 1-3 posts per month (200-500 words per post – it’s entirely up to you). Be yourself, have your own tone of voice and a reading style that readers will find easy to read. To be honest, I’m not a professional writer, but when you find a subject that you have real passion to talk about, you’ll find the structure and writing style comes naturally. Don’t worry, I can provide blogging guidance if needed.

You will get listed as a contributor with your own introduction post and I can link to your own blogs/twitter. In addition a few other Missie-licious treats will be provided (or sent to you) as a thank you.

I am looking to set up new food columns and have a contributor to one or two of the following:

  • Bake-In Stories – share with us your (at home) baking experiences
  • Chef Skills – learn from the chefs and be a master in your kitchen!
  • Your Local Eats – I always share with you my local tasty finds, share with us your area’s hidden food gems and restaurants (make us hungry)
  • A Day in the Life of a… – case studies of real local makers, chefs and bakers
  • Know how to ‘Grow Your Own’ – all you need to know about growing your own fresh food – from the experts!
  • Hungry Tourist – share your holiday food experience(s) – a flavour of your holiday destinations on our computer screen

I also welcome guest bloggers
Don’t want to become a regular contributor but a Guest Blogger?
That can also be arranged.

If interested please send an email to: feedme(@)missiecindz(.)com with subject: Blog Contributor or Guest Blogger

Remove the ‘(‘ and ‘)’ brackets. Please include a link to your current blog(s) or twitter as well as tell me how often you would be able to post. The main thing is to enjoy writing for Missie Cindz – to enjoy your jolly good food adventure – afterall, what’s life without treats!?

{Missie Cindz illustration by Cindy Cheung}

Missie Cindz