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British Bangers Week

29 October 2011

Looking forward to getting porky with my Sheffield Moss Valley sausages

Looking forward to getting porky with my Sheffield Moss Valley sausages


Are you all ready to celebrate #BritishSausageWeek (BSW) running from 31st – 6th Nov 2011? – I am. Whoop Whoop British Sausage Week starts next week with Slade frontman, Noddy Holder as ambassador – its gonna be a sizzler!! It is an annual event to celebrate the taste, quality and diversity of the great traditional butchers’ sausage – when I first heard about it a few weeks ago from LovePork, I thought what a great way to get all porky! Afterall, the porky fella is made, eaten and enjoyed all over the world. In Chinese cuisine we love a bit of Lap Cheong – which is dried pork sausages that look and feel like pepperoni, but are much sweeter. Don’t worry, there’ll be no Lap Cheung on my plate next week because it’s all about the British banger!

Supporting your Local Community
Like always, you know how I always love a good food ramble and challenge so for British Sausage Week, I will be rustling up classic sausage recipes like Toad in the Hole, Sausage and Mash and an ‘Ultimate’ brunch sausage sarnie both meals that are perfect for entertaining family and friends. I might even be a lil adventurous and try delicious Sausage and Potato Patties as a tasty starter for my guests coming round next Wednesday or, for a hearty and comforting dish, I might try the  Sausage Casserole – a recipe provided by Clare Tollick (@FeastAndGlory) – now, I am really hungry!

To get together with all the ‘Sausage Lovers’ around the UK and promote the great tradition of sausage eating in Britain. I am going to use British Sausage Week to help support my local community in a number of different ways:

  • British Sausage Week’s aim is to make us aware of how British pork is the best and encourages us to support our own farmers and producers by buying quality sausages. So in the week, I will be eating sausages made by my local, Sheffield butcher(s)
  • See if there is a butcher and offer to help them in the week using my specialist (design and tweeting) skills and will Blog to you about what meaty deeds I’ve been up to :)

I can tell we can’t resist a nicely cooked sausage – this week on Twitter, I asked the question to my followers “What’s your most favourite sausage related recipe” and here was what you said were your banging faves:

  • Kate Pearson (@RubyJubilee) Bangers & mash with onion gravy
  • Vicki Thomson (@ThreemintTea) had two faves which were chorizo and butterbeans in red wine and the End sausages with puy lentils garlic and thyme
  • Peter (@PJtaste) Sausages cooked over charcoal in a Cat Lane Bakery ciabatta with PJ taste tomato chutney and caramalised onions
  • Teabox Online Sausage and Mash with Henderson Relish flavoured gravy
  • Craig Middleton (@Craig_middleton) Braised shoulder of pork, with chorizo, white beans & garlic
  • Carolyn Usher (@CUsher84) Toad in the hole! (Carolyn also put why does sausage related talk always sound suggestive?! – hahaha, yum and cute! :)

Thanks for your tweets :) I am lucky enough to have a good number of food producers in my purple address book that make the finest sausages using meat from animals that have a led a healthy and happy life – so when you buy sausages try your best to make sure you choose British and local bangers – take a look at one of my previous posts: Get Some Pork on Your Fork where you’ll find some friendly Sheffield butchers and restaurants nearer to you than you think.

Finally, for the Love Pork power users amongst you, here’s a link you can find all sorts of #BSW promotional material like posters and recipes right here:

{photo of Green Piggy by Cindy Cheung}


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