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Akbars Chef’s Challenge Curry

14 August 2011

Sheffield's Akbars Chef's Challenge naan bread

Sheffield's Akbars Chef's Challenge naan bread...this was almost the size of my table!


I know I’m always up for a Food Challenge but when I thought I’d have a go at Akbar’s Chef Challenge with a curry this weekend, gosh, how I so struggled!!!

Akbar’s Chef Challenge meal consists of Chicken, Lamb keema and potatoes cooked in the famour Akbar’s balti sauce served with naan and pilau rice. If one can finish this challenge alone you will qualify for a FREE dessert. I saw the words a FREE dessert on the menu and thought, yes, I must have this! :) The naan bread was literally the size of our table! (no joke). I couldn’t imagine how anyone would or could be able to finish this alone, just nomming the naan (that arrived on an impressive looking tall silver stand), alone would finish you off! I’d heard lots of good things about Akbar’s Curry House and being a food fan of all things delicious, I must say their curries were pretty impressive and delicious.

I highly recommend their delicious mango lassi too, this is a very sweet and thick smoothie-like drink, made from yogurt, full-fat milk, water and mango pulp. I’d say treat yourself and have a jug, I did, this sweet stuff is addictive – but just make sure you’re on the SEE-food diet! (I dread to think how many calories are in a glass! :)

The seats are high backed leather seats which are very comfortable, the only downside for me was the lighting in the restaurant which was rather dim (on the verge of dark), most restaurants I’ve been to have mood lighting and I like to be able to see what I am eating (and of course especially for my food photos to Twitpic with Followers), I would have preferred it to be a bit lighter. But I’m sure they have their reasons for the dark setting.

Their menu choice was huge, I was definitely spoilt for choices with several starters and main courses, catering for every need, and if there is something you would like that isn’t on the menu, they will endeavor to make it, and you can always ask for variations of the dishes i.e. less/more spicy. When going for an Indian, I always make sure I start off with a pickle tray and crispy poppadoms (which are large so you’ll probably only need one each). The pickle tray includes mango chutney, raita dip, some kind of spicy chopped onion dip and another spicy dip (not sure on the name so if anyone knows, please let me know). Overall, I’ve got to say, I’m really glad I went to Sheffield’s Akbars, even though I didn’t successfully complete the ‘mighty’ Chef’s Challenge, I’m quite happy I’d been there and had tried their food. Great food, our waiter was really friendly, charming, attentative too – great customer service are ‘plus points’ for me, plus fab value for money aswell. So if you guys fancy a curry next weekend? How about taking on the Chef’s Challenge?…….The Missie Cindz DARES you!!

Akbars Indian Restaurant
Meadowbank Road
Rotherham S61 2NF,
Tel: 01709 555 500


Missie Cindz

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