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Just one week to go…

27 June 2011

Let the Missie Cindz Sheffield Food Challenge commence!

Thanks Sheffield's Busters Coffee – I now have all the caffiene I could ever need to stay full alert!

Thanks Sheffield's Busters Coffee – I now have all the caffiene I could ever need to stay full alert!


Just a week left to my Sheffield Food Challenge – I’m a little apprehensive but I’m looking forward to it and there’s still so much to prepare! I’ve still got a few more pick ups of food goods to arrange too but won’t be able to pick up any of the fresh ingredients til the weekend. I’ve planned to go to Our Cow Molly’s farm shop and Cat Lane Bakery (for the bakery goods) on Sunday. Thanks Sheffield’s Busters Coffee (@BustersCoffee) for the generous supply of coffee (see photo above) – I’ve got ALL the caffeine I’ll ever need to stay full alert for my food challenge! Currently sitting in Missie’s kitchen also includes: homemade chutney and jams from @justpreserves and a range of delicous teas from @teaboxonline

The #MissiesEatSheffieldFoodWeek might be much more difficult and costly to source than if we were to buy from a commercial supermarket but it will be well be worth the effort I say to myself. Let’s see. I’m also making a detailed note of how much everything would cost, it will be interesting to see how much it would cost to Eat Sheffield for a Week – although most of my food for the week has been kindly sponsored for the Challenge but it would still be worthwhile seeing how much all this would cost for a typical individual to eat Sheffield Food for the Week.

I think prices are a big factor in getting people to buy more local – people need to be made more aware of the benefits or they won’t be willing to pay more for something they think is just as good at a lower price.

My Sheffield Food Challenge commences on the 4th of July and I’d like you to join me on #MissiesEatSheffieldFoodWeek challenge. Don’t forget to pick up your FREE Missie Cindz badges from PJ Taste (@PJtaste) on Glossop Road and at Site Gallery, The Rutland Arms (@RutlandArms) on Brown ST or Sushi Express (@sushiexpressuk), Milton ST – so basically places where you’ll see your Missie Cindz hanging out/up! :) – and all you have to say to get a badge is “I’m following Missie Cindz”

Why should I have a Missie badge I hear you ask?
Well, apart from these being pretty cool to wear anyway, if you sport a Missie Cindz badge during my Food Challenge Week you’ll be able to receive special offers on foods from my Menu Plan from some Sheffield Food producers and well known Sheffield Restaurants for your participation (it’s a kinda thank you for eating a piece if Sheffield with us). I will be posting up a list of food participants this week so you’ll all know where to go to flash that badge and grab a discount for nomming a slice of Sheffield with Missie!

If you are an Sheffield food producer and would like to run a special offer for this week too, then please get in touch by emailing me on or contact me through twitter: @missiecindz – Look forward to hearing from you all soon.

Have a great week everyone! (and don’t forget to keep reading my posts and tweets to the build up of my Food Challenge).

Missie Cindz

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