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Wear A Missie Cindz!

23 June 2011

Serving you up a bowful of delicious Missie Cindz badges

Serving you up a bowlful of delicious Missie Cindz badges

Limited edition of Missie Cindz badges


Right we all love to wear badges right?
These are exclusive and extremely stylishly ‘sweet!’. There are only 100 Missie Cindz button badges currently available which makes them very ‘limited’ indeed. Currently you can pick one up FREE by saying the magic words “I’m following Missie Cindz”. Missie badges are available now from PJ Taste (@PJtaste) on Glossop Road and at Site Gallery, The Rutland Arms (@RutlandArms) on Brown ST or Sushi Express (@sushiexpressuk), Milton ST – so basically places where you’ll see your Missie Cindz hanging out/up! :)

Serving Up Delicious Badges
Wear these ‘limited edition’ badges during my ‘Missie’s Eat Sheffield Food Week’ Challenge and participating Sheffield Food producers will kindly offer you a special discount off food/meals from my Sheffield Menu Plan*. I can give you an Exclusive… PJ Taste are very happy to offer a 10% discount on all the products in my Sheffield Food plan to anyone sporting a Missie Cindz badge during the Sheffield Food Festival mayhem! so if you fancy that PJ Taste Plougmans – Yorkshire Cheeses (made with Amberwood smoked – cows milk, Mrs Bells Yorkshire Blue and a Mature Wensleydale, apple, PJ Taste hand baked breads including sourdough bread with Carr House Farm Spelt Flour, crackers and olives) you can enjoy a nice discount with it too…delicious!

Please have a very good look through my Sheffield Menu Plan and find out those lovely food types you’ve always wanted to NOM or were curious in trying and enjoy a nice discount off them, it’s my way of saying thank you to my followers who are following and supporting my Food Challenge and ‘eating a piece of Sheffield’ with ALL of us. Also remember that there’ll also be the much talked about Sheffield Food Showcase on the top of Fargate where you will be able to find Moss Valley Fine Meats, PJ Taste, Cat Lane Bakery, Tea Box, Sheffield Honey, Our Cow Molly, Catherine’s Choice and Fancie displaying their delightful treats to us…do these foodies sound familiar? well, they should as they’re featured on Missie’s Menu Plan!

So get those badges worn ASAP and show them off to receive fab special offers!…if you don’t flash that badge, you looooose! :)

Here is currenty the list of participating Sheffield food producers:
Sheffield’ s Blue Bee Brewery
Rutland Arms – Brown ST

* for the duration of my food week (4th – 10th July) a selection of participating Sheffield food producers will be offering special 10% discounts on food & ingredients featured on my Menu Plan. Not all producers are involved, the ones who are will have a Missie Cindz cut-out (the Northern and ‘more fun’ version of the Michelin Star :) displayed proudly on their food stall.

Don’t forget if you do spot a Missie Cindz cut-out, Twitpic her or post it up on my Facebook gallery for others to see…Missie Cindz is currently on a wholesome food adventure with that smiley fork of hers!

Missie Cindz

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