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The Dream Breakfast

06 June 2011

A smiley orange breakfast

What did you have for breakfast this morning?
Me? It was all about oranges today – homemade orange marmalade on toast with giant chocolate buttons, almonds and strawberries (hey, I make sure I get those 5 a days!). A smiley breakfast is what I have most days. Was it what I wanted? Uhmmm, the smile YES, always, but toast? (not really). Breakfast is, for the most part, a functional event. I know most of us have little enough time to make something hot let alone make it into a full on showcase event. But what if you did?

What would you have for your perfect breakfast?
If you could have anything – English grub style: bacon, eggs, sausages and tomatoes (the BEST)? Mexican style, say, or giant pancakes with maple syrup and crisp bacon or how about Sheffield Honey toast? or would you go posh? with smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on bagels? à la New York; fresh berries or yoghurt – what would you choose? Let me know. Although I love the wholesome oats and toasty bread (I could nom this stuff every day) but we need to get the words the “porridge saint” out of our heads and start breakfast exploring!

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Please post your comments below and share any breakfast suggestions/recipes with me.

Missie Cindz

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