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Eat Sheffield For A Week (4-10 July)

06 June 2011

Missie Cindz Sheffield Food Week Challenge 2011

Missie Cindz Sheffield Food Week Challenge 2011

Missie Cindz in Toast Magazine June 2011

Missie Cindz in Toast Magazine June 2011


Hey foodies! Forget your plans for a summer diet. You’re out of luck – not with the Sheffield Food Festival back for its second year.

From the 4th – 10th July, will be the most foodi-licious offering available in South Yorkshire; celebrating all that is grown and produced locally. No doubt we’ll be served a heap of (waist bulging) showcases of Sheffield food producers, retailers and restaurants – I’ve heard to expect, fully grown Sheffield dairy cows in the city centre too – who’s let the cows out style!

You know how your Missie loves the food limelight, so to take part in all this Food Fest’ excitement, I’ve set myself a Food Challenge which will see me eating my way through Sheffield…for a whole week! –  The ‘Missie’s Eat Sheffield for a Week’ Challenge. I’ll be eating and drinking a huge range of Sheffield related produce, ranging from making my own foods at home (breakfasts) using Sheffield grown produce and also eating & drinking homemade Sheffield goodness made by a talented bunch of local foodies! I’m lucky enough to have a few talented chefs involved in helping me with my food plan (PJ Taste and the Rutland Arm’s chef Ricko to name a few). I’ll show you the menu once it’s ready…and it’s looking rather wholesome.

I’m hoping that the challenge will help to highlight (and introduce) to Sheffielders (‘Gastro Nutters’ like myself) the fabulous food scene our City has to offer all year round! Sausage rolls? passe; pre-packed soggy sarnies? Pah, it’s going to be all about ‘Eating Sheffield’ – meeting food producers and real food. It might be a bit more difficult, but I’m sure it’s possible!

It’s going to be a bit of fun and, who knows I might get some really tasty recipes out of it! I often wonder where my food comes from and a challenge like this is not to be taken lightly (if any of you followed my Breakfast Week challenge on Twitter in January, you’ll know how I like a good challenge). A big thanks to the Sheffield food producers and talented chefs for helping me with the ‘Missie Food Menu’.

You’ll have to read this month’s issue of Toast Mag to find out more about my food challenge – head to page 12 first (as pictured above). Please do make room for lots of ‘forking’ and photo snapping action during this week – or perhaps you want to join me on my challenge? I’ll let you know how you can participate – just ‘like’ me on Facebook and details will be posted :) A full list of the food producers sponsoring my food challenge by generously feeding me food will be up this week and I’ll also be posting more details about the Sheffield Food Festival in the next coming weeks too so make sure you keep your eyes open and enjoy the read.

You can also follow my ‘food challenge’ tweets: #MissiesEatSheffieldFoodWeek. Sheffield has a fab food scene and I’d like to share it to others in my own Missie way! This Challenge will be fun and rather interesting too. A big thank you to the growing list of Sheffield Food Producers helping me, without you guys, my Misise Cindz Food Challenge won’t work!

Let me know your thoughts – any kind of feedback is helpful and would be good. Look forward to hearing from you.

Missie Cindz