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Amazon Brazil, Birmingham

30 May 2011

Amazon Brazil, Birmingham

Amazon Brazil, Birmingham - ready for a meat feast?

Amazon Brazil, Birmingham

Last week was National Vegetarian Week and I end my green week on a high by having a meat feast Brazilian banquet in Birmingham’s Amazon Brazil on Broad Street. This was my second time having Brazilian cuisine – Brazilian restaurants are so few and far between (is there one in Sheffield? if there is please tweet and let me know) but from my first experience, I knew ALOT of meat would be on the menu and the format at Amazon turned out to be fairly straightforward.

Brazilian Buffet Experience
You can choose to dine either solely from the buffet or from the buffet and grill, in which case a waiter brings a succession of meats and fish to your table on massive skewers. When your carnivorous desires are fully sated, you simply turn over a disc on your table from its green to its red side to proclaim that you can manage not another ounce of fleshy protein.

Me and my hungry friends all chose the buffet/grill option (£20.00 p/p). The selection at the buffet table was impressive – various salads, fish and starchy things in very rich flavoured sauces, a few cured meats, all fresh and well prepared. It was a good spread. You take a plate and help yourself to their traditional hot and cold dishes (buffet). Once I filled my plate, I returned to our table and the waiter began bringing over various grilled meats that arrived on giant skewers from their open fire (see my pictures above), from which slices were carved or chunks were pulled off by ourselves with the provided tongs.

I got to sample lamb, a couple of cuts of beef, chicken wings and thighs, chicken hearts and sausages before our stomachs cried out for mercy. The quality was varied, though on the whole good. Their marinades were largely complementary to the meat, but the seasoning was often aggressively over-salted (which I didn’t like) so make sure you order a pint of water for your table, you’ll need it! And while most of the grilled morsels we ate were succulent, moist and heavily flavoured, a couple were overdone and dry.

This is a style of food that would be paricularly relished by those with heroically meaty tastes – Carnivores heaven. I didn’t have space for a full dessert, but I did finish the meal with a chunk of grilled pineapple. Crisp, deliciously sweet and moist, fragrant with brown sugar and cinnamon, this was a fabulous thing.

The only disappointment I had from the evening was their service (great customer service is really important to Missie!). The staff were so slow in getting our drinks to us (we waited almost 25 mins for drinks to arrive from the moment we ordered them) and the clearing up the plates wasn’t any better. Perhaps they were very busy or short on staff? I’m not too sure but this shouldn’t be an excuse.

Overall, try it out Amazon Brazil if you’re in the West Midlands (just for the lamb and roasted pineapple if nothing else!) – a tasty and authentic Brazilian meal.

Key to the above picture:
A – Amazon Brazil, Birmingham £20.00 per person eat a much as you want.
B – spit-roasted lamb.
C – chicken hearts.
D – various salads, fish and starchy things from the salad buffet.
E – I was given a go on their hot open fire at grilling the meats. Hot stuff!
F – salad buffet.
G – chunky grilled pineapple served as dessert.
H – fruity cocktails.
I – succulent pork spare-ribs.

Amazon Brazil
197 Broad Street,
West Midlands
B15 1AY
Tel: 0121 643 3723


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