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Crisp Sandwich Day

17 April 2011

Chunky egg mayonnaise with cheese and onion crisps. NOM!!

Chunky egg mayonnaise with cheese and onion crisps. NOM!!


Where does Missie C get these kinda food days from!? I hear you cry, well yesterday was International Crisp Day. I was informed of this crispy day by one of my tweeters and thought there is no way I’m missing this (afterall, who doesn’t LOVE crisps?). A whole day to celebrate the culinary delight of the crisp sandwich – ‘WOW’ I thought. Whatever type of crisp I preferred, whatever type of bread I wanted and whatever I choose to add – this was my day!

I celebrated the day with the chunky egg mayonnaise stuffed with cheese and onion crisps (as pictured above) – and what a winning combo it was too. I truly enjoyed the satisfying crunch as I pressed the top slice of my bread bap over that crispy goodness. Did anyone else take part in the Crisp Sarnie Day or was it just me? (sigh, you’re missing out on such a foody adventure :) and finally has anyone tried crisp sandwiches with humous? They are sublime!
Earlier this week, I did ask my Twitter followers what they favourite crisp sandwich filling were and here’s a handful of them to share with you, so if you’re stuck on ideas for your lunch sandwich tomorrow at work, why not gives these a try? (thanks for the participation everyone).
@redpola Neil Brewitt: Cold egg mayo on fresh white chilli bread.
@john_hunter John Hunter: Roll and squeeze bits of bread around chipsticks to make Dead Men’s Fingers for Halloween.
Bazza: Straight up Walkers cheese and onion on Mighty White bread.
Jon: Salt and vinegar french fries with humous on brown. Yum!
Gemma: Prawn cocktail with sour cream and chive on that hovis half and half stuff.
Sushi Boo: Peanut butter and ham with salt and vinegar crisps.


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