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Umptious Muffins Sheffield

14 April 2011

Umptious Muffins...naughty by nature

Umptious Muffins...naughty by nature


Umptious Muffins…naughty by nature
The Spring’s definitely here after munching a couple of these lovely scrumptious muffins from ‘Umptious’ :) just take a look at their current seasonal special…the Yorkshire Rhubarb & Vanilla muffins (seen above).

Umptious specialise in SAVOURY & SWEET muffins. They use local and seasonal ingredients and claim they have absolutely NOTHING artificial added in them!

You can get your Umptious fill today at PJtaste, Hassop Station Cafe or the Proper Deli (nr Peace Gardens), so their quite convenient to find. PJ Taste are currently selling some of the Rhubarb along with Scottish Raspberry & White Chococlate so you should be able to pick them up there :)

I had my first Umptious bite last year, I definitely give these Sheffield treats an unconditional ‘thumbs up’ rating, and am glad I found them. It was also their SAVOURY muffins that interested me the most, muffins ranging from Smoked Bacon & Mature Cheddar, Garlic Mushroom to Feta & Slow Roasted Tomatoes – Yes, I’m drooling too. The flavours of both their sweet and savoury cakes are packed with intense colours and ingredients, they’re individually handmade aswell which makes these so stunning to look at!

It’s always nice to encounter yet another wonderful product to have available for regular consumption from Sheffield. Today I’ll be trying one of their Scottish Raspberry & White Chocolate muffins with a nice cup tea – I’m already looking forward to it! (lunch time can’t come sooner!)

TO ORDER call: 07769 715 934 or email: and why not follow them on Twitter: @umptiousmuffins

Missie Cindz

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