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All the fun of the fair

03 April 2011

Missie Cindz knows how to have a nice cuppa TeaBox teas!

Missie Cindz knows how to have a nice cuppa TeaBox teas! (how posh is she? :)

Heeley City Farm's Blade the Horse

Heeley City Farm's Blade the Horse - he's massive!

Heeley City Farm Spring Fayre

Did someone just 'Quack!?"

Heeley City Farm Spring Fayre

Spring definitely arrived at Heeley City Farm


It doesn’t really matter where you live. Going out to support your local (Sheffield) agricultural industry is important and that’s why I ended up trotting off to Heeley City Farm’s Spring Fair yesterday to celebrate the Farm’s 30th birthday. Just remember that if it weren’t for farmers you wouldn’t eat (or drink, cc @OurCowMolly @GreenSheffield @GrowingDirect – I often have to keep saying this to myself so that I don’t forget!). They toil day and night working long hours so we can enjoy a quality of life that is ‘often’ taken for granted (did you know my mum used to be a farmer too?). So that’s why going to a fair is important, because you not only support them by paying an admission (if there is one – it’s FREE admission to Heeley City Farm), but you also tell our farming friends/producers that we know they work hard and give them their moment in the sun :)

It was a great atmosphere at yesterday’s fair – a really good community vibe. There were lots of all things Sheffield too, ranging from baked sweet and savoury treats (@lornaheavenlies), @SheffieldHoney, tea leaves – @teaboxonline, ice cream – @OurCowMolly, crafty goodness, handmade gifts, cards and hamper sets, etc – an all good round of variety and goodness! This was my second time to the farm, (yes, I do need a slap on the legs!). I ended up arriving around 3ish, despite just having a hour left before the Fair finished, there was still alot of people around. I arrived to the sound of loud drums and rather scary, goth looking typed Morris Dancers dancing on the Farm’s pathway! (they were dressed in black with blue face paint!). I managed to pay the animals a visit too (Blade’s my favourite horse! – look at him above :)

I took a quick snoop in their Café, serving healthy, farm-cooked meals, it was rammed with customers (I looked at their menu and the meals are so good value!). I also managed a good browse in the peat-free Garden Centre and Gift Shop too – featuring local crafts (and maybe one day Missie’s artwork can be found in there?). The rain also stayed put and as I left, I treated myself to a mini tub of ice cream too – because it’d be just plain rude not to! :)

Heeley City Farm (@HeeleyFarm) are open every day from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm and admission is FREE! There are lots of events happening in the Summer so make sure you pay them a visit and hi-five your local farmer.

Heeley City Farm,
Richards Road,
S2 3DT
Tel: (0114) 258 0482


Missie Cindz

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